Welfare mentality indeed!

I took a drive recently. The destination was not important and I barely recollect it anyway. What was memorable about this drive were some of the other drivers on the road. Many times I noticed risks being taken by certain drivers that put them in harms way. Most of the time it took the actions of others to avoid having THEIR risk end in disaster.

At a stop light, as east and west directions both got green lights the car opposite me decided to turn right in front of me by gunning it and beating me and the vehicle on my right before we could accelerate. Even having not 'gunned' it I had to let off the accelerator and hit the brake to let this driver pass.

This drive has been haunting me. What was so important that this driver was willing to turn in front of us and risk an accident with injury and/or death? I can admit that on occasion someone may really be rushing for an life or death reason I am convinced that more often than not, this is NOT the case.

What I think has happened with a large part of this country is just what we are seeing politically. We have been raising generation after generation on welfare. We hear stories of 5 generations on welfare and government assistance. These programs are really working. That was my sarcasm coming out. We just had an election where many voted simply so they could get more from the government. This is the mentality that is destroying America.

We are seeing it first hand destroy our economy. How long do people really think they can take from one group of people and give to another? The more they take, the more people that give in and decide to become part of the group that receives the benefit of someone elses hard work. The socialist system that the liberals so desperately want to make work cannot work without those who produce. And yet they continually try to take more from them. And now it comes at the point of a gun. Especially now that the liberals control the Federal Government and with it, the IRS, FBI, CIA and all other acroynamed programs that can do their bidding.

And so they, the liberals, continue to take from one group and give to another. I think this is the mentality that I see on our streets. Like the car that turned in front of me, it took for granted that I and the car next to me, would stop and do all that we could to avoid getting into an accident. And we did do that. But it will not always end that way. Just like on our streets, sometimes they are just not that lucky. Do the boneheads who took the risk suffer alone for their stupidity? No, the other cars involved with their occupants suffer, due to no fault of their own. And yet they pay for it, sometimes with their lives.

This is exactly what is going on in in America today. This so called stimulus package is anything but. It only puts a larger burden upon the shoulders of those who do produce and have their treasure taken by the government.

As those who are producing in this country get to see these liberals for who they really are, they are realizing they were duped. The approval ratings for the democrat led congress have never been lower. And President Obama is watching his aproval ratings plunge as well. I just hope it is not too late.

Please call YOUR congressional delegates and demand that they represent YOU!

Capital switchboard #: 202-224-3121
If it is busy, do not be discouraged. That is a good sign. It means that other Sons of Liberty are calling and demanding to be heard AND represented! Call again at a later time.



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