What Gun Rights?

Why do you own firearms? Is it not to protect you and your family? Let me tell you why I own Firearms.

First and foremost I own firearms for self defense. I carry to protect myself and my family from those who would cause us harm. I carry a gun to protect my rights and to keep those who would trample my rights at bay. I do not ever wish to use the deadly force I am willing to use. But I will.

So when disaster strikes, and it seems more evident every day, what will happen? Well, as during the Katrina aftermath, there is the distinct possibility of a breakdown of civilized society. It may depend on demographic, but you saw gangs of thugs roving and looting and generally taking advantage of the lack of any law enforcement. So those with firearms were not without protection, they had their guns. Guns that the U.S. Constitution protects. We are not given the right to own firearms from the government and yet they constantly seek to disarm us and make it more and more difficult for lawful residents to own and possess them.

So what do law enforcement do as they enter the scene? They forcefully take away the guns of the law abiding. They had no right to do this. They who swore to protect and serve took property away illegally and worse still left people defenseless against those who did not respect the law or the rights of ownership. They left these people with no chance to defend themselves or their property and this is just unacceptable. I know this is not new but we must remind ourselves of what is possible and what we need to protect against! Please watch this video.


RhondaLue said…
I'd happily give up our guns.....when they pry 'em from our cold, dead fingers.

When was this video made, do you know? I'm curious.

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