Militia Call to Arms

What will you do?

When they tell you they need to register all guns, not for any insidious reason, just for your own good?

What will you do?

When the government puts taxes on ammunition. Not just a case of ammo but each individual round.

What will you do?

When you are told your neighbors have illegal firearms and they confiscate them, because they failed to re-register them.(because it will be a yearly fee to register your firearms)

What will you do?

When they decide that it is better for the common good that ONLY police should have firearms in public and so rescind by mandate all CCW permits and declare them invalid!

What will you do?

When your shooting ranges become so overwhelmed with regulation that they become cost prohibitive and have to close down.

What will you do?

When they tell you that your guns are okay, they just want to take dangerous guns off the street.

What will you do?

When they then come after your guns, because nobody needs more than one gun.

What will you do?

When you no longer have the freedoms the declaration of independence stated as unalienable and do not have the arms to claim your freedoms back.


If we do not fight for our rights in the here and now, the fight will only be that much harder with each God given liberty that they take away from us. Do not wait for someone else to do it. Stand up to those politicians who claim to be looking after your rights. Do not be silent as a co-worker repeats the mantra of the mainstream media and the left. Do not forget that our government does not give us our freedom. We have our freedom because it is our right to be free. We then give the government the power to protect our rights, nothing more. All I see in our government now are those who would limit and restrict my freedoms.

So what will you do?

Will you become more knowledgeable on the issues?
Will you promote those who will fight for our rights and tear away the government intrusion into our lives?
Will you give of your time? or your treasure? in making the cause of freedom known by all?

We must band together and make those who represent us responsible for their actions. If our elected officials will not represent us it is our duty to remove them and put in someone who will.

Become like the Sons of Liberty who sounded the alarm and pushed the masses into recognizing that they did have rights and England was not respecting their rights. Those righteous patriots of America who stood up and in many cases gave up everything to secure our liberties, did so for far less than what we are subjected to today by that very same government they fought so hard to put in place. They did however construct this government with the power in the people. But we the people need to stand up and claim that right as justly ours. If we cannot come together, on all issues, not just the ones we agree to, hope is truly lost.

We cannot stand and decry government programs and intrusion in our lives and then turn to them to subsidise ANYTHING! We have rights! And with these rights come responsibilities. We need to drill that into everyones head.


You cannot have the right to something and leave the responsibility of it to someone else!


RhondaLue said…
well you and I know that they can't have our guns. Unless they want to pry 'em from our cold, dead fingers.
*DOZER said…
First time to this site. I no longer care whether they know who I am or not. What are we going to do about it? That's the question.

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